Here’s an Option for Generating Higher Purchase Offer on Your Central Florida Rental Property

There comes a time in every real estate investor’s life when they are ready to step away from maintaining rental properties and managing tenants – and ultimately reaping the rewards of the equity in their investment(s).

But, in today’s uncertain real estate market, it can be difficult at best to catch the eye of potential buyers. This can particularly be the case if the property you are offering for sale needs a substantial amount of work.

So, if you’re considering selling a rental property that you no longer want or need for investment purposes, it could make sense to do some renovations that will not only make it stand out, but that also could help you to generate a higher price for it.

Before you start to have visions of handing over a large sum of money to a contractor, though – or fears about doing all of the work yourself – there is a better alternative available now for renovating your property with absolutely no up-front cash outlay.

With our Fix and Sell Program, all of the renovation costs are paid for from the sale proceeds at closing – so there is no need to spend any money at all out-of-pocket. Nor will you have to don a hammer and nails and take on a time-consuming project while still paying the costs of carrying an empty property.

Free Home Evaluation

So, if your as-is rental property has flaws that will cause potential purchasers to turn and walk the other way, a remodel or complete renovation may just be the strategy for you. See if your Orlando or Central Florida property qualifies by setting up a free evaluation.

You can get started by going to our website at, or you can call us directly at (407) 986-6104 and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions that you have.