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707, 2020

How to Get Higher Purchase Offers for Your Clients’ Homes

If beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, then getting a significant purchase offer for a client’s home that is only so-so on the “prettiness” scale could seem like it is next to impossible. One solution for this is to have the homeowner renovate and update, in turn, making the property stand out to potential buyers – and resulting in a higher sale price (along with a higher amount of sales commission for the realtor!)

2506, 2020

How to Make Your Home Stand Out to Potential Buyers Without Paying Anything Up-Front

Selling your home as-is can allow you to transfer your current property without laying out a considerable up-front expense for “dressing it up.” But even if your home sells relatively quickly in its present condition, it can typically result in much less money in your pocket.

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