Is Your Property Really Worth Top Dollar to a Potential Buyer?

Many people love their homes – especially if they have lived in the property for a number of years and made it “their own” through various décor and other personal touches. But oftentimes, even though a home is functional and appealing to its residents, it may not necessarily be worth top dollar to a potential buyer when the time comes to sell it.

But there’s a solution for that.

About Fix & Sell

At Fix & Sell, we renovate homes for sellers, giving their property a fresh, new look and feel. This includes much more than just adding a new coat of paint, though. Installing updated appliances, systems, and fixtures, properties are literally move-in ready for potential purchasers.

We strategically plan these renovations, based on optimizing your home’s value. Given our many years of experience in the Florida real estate niche, we can also closely estimate the return on investment, ultimately increasing the net proceeds from the sale of the home.

While home renovations can be costly, our process doesn’t require you to spend any money up-front. Rather, we’ll settle up with you at the closing table – and because your property will likely sell for much more than it would as-is, you can actually put more money in your pocket.

Renovated homes tend to attract more buyers. That’s because the new owner will have very little – if any – work to do once they have purchased the property. They can also more easily picture their own furniture and belongings in the home, which in turn can increase the odds of them making you an offer.

Contact Us

If you intend to sell your home or investment property in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area, we can help you to sell it faster and for a higher price. Feel free to contact us directly for more information or if you have any questions about how our process works. We look forward to hearing from you.