Up-Front Expenses

Selling your home as-is can allow you to transfer your current property without laying out a considerable up-front expense for “dressing it up.” But even if your home sells relatively quickly in its present condition, it can typically result in much less money in your pocket.

Going the “as-is” route can also drastically reduce the number of possible buyers for your property, as many people do not want to spend the time, the effort, or the money renovating a home before they move in.

Today’s home buyers prefer something that is in move-in condition – and many are willing to pay top dollar for it. That’s where the Fix & Sell program can help…and it won’t cost you anything out-of-pocket up-front.

Let’s Take A Look At Scenario

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the market to purchase a home. You take a look at two properties that are side-by-side, both with identical floor plans, square footage, and number of rooms.

While the first house has a much lower asking price, the kitchen and bathrooms are a bit outdated, and all of the appliances appear a bit worn from their years of use. Plus, upon further inspection, you learn that the home still has its original HVAC system (from the 1980s), which could cost you several thousand dollars to replace, as well as the inconvenience of taking time off work to wait for the repair service.

As you walk into the second house, though, you immediately feel at home. Its fresh paint, new flooring, and newly-updated kitchen and bathrooms not only provide a light, bright feel, but will also allow you to settle in more quickly, with no need to do any additional work on the home.

Even with the higher asking price, you happily make an offer on home #2, knowing that you’ll have a very short to-do list on – and after – your move-in date. Your only concern is that there are several other bidders in the running, so you hope the sellers choose you.

Which of these home’s would you make an offer on?

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