Without Any Added Up-Front Cost

If beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, then getting a significant purchase offer for a client’s home that is only so-so on the “prettiness” scale could seem like it is next to impossible. One solution for this is to have the homeowner renovate and update, in turn, making the property stand out to potential buyers – and resulting in a higher sale price (along with a higher amount of sales commission for the realtor!)

Many of today’s home sellers balk at the idea of spending a large sum of money fixing up a property that they are selling. But what if they could turn their average-looking home into something eye-catching without any out-of-pocket costs?

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With Fix & Sell, they can.

Homes that are renovated will typically sell more quickly, and for a higher price, than those that are mundane and outdated. One reason for this is because the newly-renovated home is oftentimes move-in ready – which signals convenience to a possible buyer.

Plus, without any of the seller’s personal preferences being visible – such as color scheme and other specific décor – it is much easier for a potential purchaser to imagine the home already being theirs. In addition, newly-renovated properties can also provide a buyer with a “blank slate” that is ready for their decorative taste.

At Fix & Sell, there are no up-front costs to renovate your clients’ properties. Rather, the fix-up expenses are taken care of at closing time. That means that your home-seller clients won’t have to come up with a significant amount of money to turn their property into the dream home that a potential purchaser is looking for.

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