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You Get A Property Evaluation

We’ll visit the home and recommend which renovation package will give you the most value.


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You choose if you want to go with our recommendation or sell the property AS-IS.


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Usually takes 2-4 weeks

We pay everything upfront so you don’t come out of pocket


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Property shall be listed within 4 day of renovation completion.

Agreed to reduced price by 2% every 21 days until property sells.

A full blown marketing campaign will commence.




We are thrilled to see you cash that big check.

We are repaid the renovation costs from the sales proceeds.

Sellers LOVE our Fix & Sell Program not only because of the increased value, but also because our compensation relies on a successful sale. Our expertise and market position gives us a unique ability that very few real estate agents can match: we add tangible value while reducing the amount of time it takes to sell.

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With our Fix & Sell Program, ALL renovation expenses are paid for from proceeds at closing. That means you make more money without paying a dime out of pocket.


Our home renovations are planned and performed strategically for the purpose of optimizing home value. Years of real estate experience has given us the ability to accurately estimate renovation ROI, allowing us to maximize the net proceeds from the sale of the home.


You won’t be surprised by hidden fees or extra charges. Leerdam Properties has the same real estate commission as other Realtors, and there’s no penalty for deferring the renovation costs until closing.


Renovated homes sell faster and for more money than outdated homes because they attract more buyers and have a higher market value. Selling a renovated home puts buyer demand on your side, giving you plenty of market leverage.

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Irving Huggins
Irving Huggins
Great group of people to work with
Courteous,professional,top of the line service. Love their dedication and tireless effort. 10/10 for sure.

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