Does It Really Make Sense to Renovate a Home You’re Going to Sell?

Home renovations can be costly. They can also take quite a bit of time, depending on what you’re having done to the property. So, why should you consider fixing up a property that you’re planning to sell?

Believe it or not, there are actually several good reasons to consider going this route – starting with the potential for a (much) larger sale price.

Pros and Cons

Consider, for instance, that you are a potential buyer. You tour two homes, each with the very same floor plan. However, one is being offered as-is, while the other has just recently been renovated, and is literally in move-in condition.

As you weigh the pros and cons of each, you start to consider how much work you would need to do with the former home, which includes a myriad of unpleasant tasks, such as lining up (and waiting for) contractors, obtaining permits for various additions and/or renovations that you’re intending to do, and of course, the seemingly endless list of bills you’ll need to pay for all of the work that is being done. You also must factor in any possible delays that may be faced, given a shortage of building materials.

On the other hand, the already-renovated home has all of those issues behind it, which in turn can allow you to simply move your furniture in and immediately start enjoying your new residence.

As the seller of the as-is home, you run the risk of receiving low-ball offers. You may also find that potential buyers are turned off by outdated fixtures, old appliances, and a long list of other items that they will need to take care of before residing in the property.

Conversely, a newly-renovated home could receive multiple purchase offers soon after it goes on the market. And how nice would it be to review several options and choose the one that is best for you?

How We Can Help

At Fix and Sell, we renovate homes that are going on the market – without the seller having to pay any money up front. Rather, we are paid out of the proceeds at the time of closing, making the entire transaction easy and convenient.

If you would like to learn more about how Fix and Sell can get your property sold faster and for a higher price, just contact us at (407) 986-6104, or send us an email at to schedule a time to chat.