Deland, FL Case Study

This home in Deland FL was previously a rental property, and the owner was hoping to sell it quickly and profitably. However, the home was in need of a full interior renovation, and the owner was unable to incur renovation expenses. Fortunately, with our Fix & Sell Program, the owner was able to make AN EXTRA 30% when the property sold, thanks to our renovations completed with ZERO out-of-pocket cost.

As Is Property Value


The home’s condition scared potential buyers away and limited buyer financing options.

Fix & Sell Renovations Budget


We work to meet buyer expectations and mortgage inspections while keeping costs low.

Renovated Property Sold For


The renovated property attracted more buyers and sold quickly for about 48% more.

Seller’s Additional Net Profit


This seller pocketed an extra 30% from our Fix & Sell Program after commissions and closing costs!

Renovation Highlights​

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What Changed?

1. New interior and exterior electrical panel

2. Miscellaneous electrical updates

3. Fresh paint inside and out

4. Additional insulation

5. New flooring

6. New doors and hardware

7. New kitchen cabinets

8. New countertops

9. New fully updated bathrooms

10. New fixtures

11. Spruce up landscaping

Before Bathroom Remodel

Before the renovation, the master bathroom was outdated and in a state of disrepair.

Fix and Sell Deland, FL Case Study

After The Remodel

Our bathroom renovation added value (and style!) to the home with new cabinets, counters, tile and fixtures. We strive to keep costs low by making repairs and adjustments where possible, but in some cases, the value gained by replacing old with new far outweighs the cost.

Fix and Sell Deland, FL Case Study

Renovated homes sell faster and for more money than outdated homes because they attract more buyers and have a higher market value. Trying to sell a home that ‘needs some work’ typically attracts only lowball offers from investors, but with a newly renovated home, you’ll have buyer demand on your side giving you plenty of market leverage.

This Deland home ended up selling for even more than we anticipated. Ultimately, by signing up for our Fix & Sell Program, this seller ended up with 48% MORE net profit than if he’d sold the home ‘as is’!

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